Lila Anna believes:

  • Every student can succeed if challenged, engaged and supported. 

  • Student success is the responsibility of individual students, parents, teachers, and administrators, as well as community leaders, neighborhoods, civic organizations, churches, and more.

  • This requires a complex partnership between teachers, parents, administrators and the community—the entire village working together in an organized and informed effort.

  • Excellence in student learning produces informed citizens with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the 21st century.

  • As a governing body, the ultimate goal of the school board is success for every student.


Lila Anna brings a unique perspective and the distinct set of skills needed to help propel Richland School District One to national prominence through positive learning outcomes and documented evidence of student success.

Consensus Builder

Proven track record of finding common ground and moving communities forward.

Voice of Change

Record of raising difficult questions, challenging status quo and bringing evidenced based best practice to her community.

Advocate for Children

A career devoted to ensuring all children receive an education with the support systems they need to reach their learning potential.

Lila Anna is the right person at the right time for our children, for our schools, and for Richland One School Board.



As a leader and teacher in Richland School District One, I am proud to support Lila Anna Sauls for School Board. We need someone who knows how to build relationships at all levels within our district, and Lila Anna does. She also cares deeply about quality education for all students.
— Andrea Lance, 2016–2017 Teacher of the Year Finalist, Richland District One

Lila Anna is a very involved CEO who regularly interacts with our St. Lawrence Place families. She believes mothers are the voice for their children and she empowers us all to build a foundation for their future. It’s just what she’ll do for all the children of Richland School District One.
— Shenita Johnson, St. Lawrence Place Graduate